Watch Ashley Graham Get Totally Soaked in Steamy New Swimsuit Video

She just wanted to cool off.
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Things got hot in a new behind-the-scenes video starring Ashley Graham... maybe even too hot. 

The former Maxim cover model had to cool off on set of her Sports Illustrated Swimsuit shoot in on the Caribbean island of Nevis, so she had the crew drench her bikini-clad body with a bucket of water.

The playful moment was one of many extremely GIF-worthy outtakes featured in the clip. You're welcome in advance. 

Trolls might try to shame Graham for being dangerously curvy, but they do nothing to shake her confidence. Just take a look at what she told the New York Times earlier this week. 

"People ask, 'How do you get your confidence?'" Graham said. And it’s like how wouldn’t I have confidence? Or they will say, 'You are so brave for putting on that swimsuit.' Well why wouldn’t I do that?"

Ashley Graham Promo

"That’s not called bravery — that is called putting on a swimsuit," she added. "Everybody has their idea of what beauty is or what perfect is or what the right shape is and they just express it in a different ways." 

Damn straight! Show you agree by liking one of her stunning recent Instagram photos below: 

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