Watch Ashley Graham Celebrate International Lingerie Day By Twerking In Her Underwear

Ashley Graham Promo

In case you missed it, April 24 was International Lingerie Day.

Yep, there's apparently no end to ridiculous holidays, not that we're complaining.

Because luckily for us, Ashley Graham marked that momentous occasion with an eye-popping underwear dance on Instagram, complete with glorious twerk at the end.

We're not sure who the colorfully-dressed dude dancing with her is, it's doesn't really matter because Graham's hip-shaking finale is truly a sight to behold.

The voluptuous supermodel also uploaded an entire series of clips celebrating sexy lace panties and bras, from her buzzy Addition Elle lingerie line.

Since it's virtually impossible to get enough of the former Maxim cover bombshell, check out this clip from Ashley's recent Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue shoot. 

And how about some more scorching hot Instagram photos? Yes, please! 

Keep doing you, Ashley.