The Sexy-But-Savage Australian Prank Girls Are Back With Another Hilarious Video

Dick drawings and sex noises galore.

The Australian babes of "Eighty83Three" are back with another ruthless prank video, and it's just as savage as their first. 

Jadeey, Belle, Amanda and Helen prove that they have the sense of humor of a demented 14-year-old boy as one of them draws a dick on a snoozing roommate's face. 

Prank Girls Dick Drawing (2)
Prank Girls Dick Drawing (1)

Speaking of dicks, the girls also included this total dick move in their recent compilation of pranks. Try slapping a stranger's phone into a pool and see what happens. 

Australian Prank Girls Promo

They've really upped the ante since their first viral video, moving from surprise "pussy slaps" to property destruction. 

Surprisingly, none of these stunts result in anything more than a laughing fit and the occasional "You bitch!" being yelled at the perpetrator. 

But what's really amazing is that despite only posting 40 photos to their 3-month-old Instagram account, they've managed to amass an impressive 120K followers. 

Luckily, they've promised to be "more active on social media," which hopefully means posting more scorching shots like these: 

h/t: The Chive