Instagram Models Take Sexy Selfies Through Dangerous Volcano Eruption in Bali

This can’t be smart.

The eruption of Mount Agung is wreaking havoc on Bali: Over 100,000 locals have already evacuated, around 60,000 fliers have been stranded, and the looming ash and carbon dioxide emissions threaten local agriculture.

The potential suffering of thousands hasn’t deterred vacationers from taking sexy, albeit completely callous and tone-dead, Instagrams in front of the erupting volcano.

As Instagrammer @maribuhma found out, posing in an infinity pool near a potentially deadly volcano makes for a fire shot, literally…

Other seized the chance to demonstr their “oneness” with the power of nature.

The photos are striking but raise the point of whether sexy Instagrams are appropriate during natural disasters. 

Recently, models were criticized for sharing bikini photos rather than the usual thoughts and prayers during Hurricane Irma.

h/t New York Post