Supermodel Barbara Palvin Just Recreated the ‘Basic Instinct’ Leg-Crossing Scene

See the Maxim cover girl reenact the most paused moment in movie history.

Sharon Stone may have been the ultimate icy-cool blonde in Basic Instinct, but the film’s infamous “leg crossing” interrogation scene is just as sexy when reenacted by Hungarian supermodel  Barbara Palvin.

In a video released by LOVE magazine, the Maxim cover star dons a similar white dress (sans underwear) and reenacts the most-paused moment in movie history. Although the big reveal isn’t there (for shame), Barbara recites the dialogue with the same seductive aloofness, even the “Have you ever fucked on cocaine, Nick?” line.

While flaunting her sexy stems, Palvin drags on her cigarette just as coyly as Stone did while her accent adds an extra layer of mystery.

Compare it to the 1992 original, below:

This is day 9 of LOVE‘s advent calendar, which will bring similarly sexy videos of top supermodels in the days leading up to Christmas.