Watch Bella Hadid Beat the Hell Out of a Tire in Her Underwear for the ‘LOVE’ Advent Calendar

Look away, Michelin Man.


On the 18th day of the LOVE Advent Calendar, supermodel Bella Hadid gave to me… a sexy video of her beating the shit out of a tire.

Directed by Phil Poynter, the fiery vignette begins with Bella approaching her opponent—one of those giant tries you see in old-school gyms—wearing sensible gym attire, Agent Provocateur lingerie.

(Photo: YouTube)

Bella then takes a sledgehammer to said tire, giving us some truly wild images while also revealing herself to be a budding CrossFitter

(Photo: YouTube)

It’s the latest of the 2017 fitness-geared LOVE Advent Calendar, which has seen fellow hotties Gigi Hadid, Emily Ratajkowski, Alexis Ren and more show us their beauty and brawn.