Bella Hadid Shares Steamy Bikini Pics From New Versace Campaign


Getty Images

Here’s a very welcome sign of normalcy: Bella Hadid posting bikini photos on Instagram. It’s just a supermodel doing her job, but this is Bella, so let’s be real, she does it well.

Bella was on the beach and modeling swimsuits and other beachwear for a new Versace campaign. That “other” clothing included the sheer blue swimsuit cloak she wears above.

Versace‘s photographer put the model through her paces and she also wore a bikini top, long-sleeved and stamped with the brand’s name and a striking blue swimsuit that exposed her back completely. That’s in addition to her barely-there string bikini.

Bella is, by the way, the official model for Versace’s Dylan Blue perfume. And that is obviously a big deal for the 23-year-old, as she said in a photo caption that doing the perfume campaign was a real “pinch me” moment.

The bikini photos are great and the fragrance is probably top-shelf, but summer is just about officially over, so we’re just grateful for this last look at the beach before fall arrives. Check out a few more blasts from the past of Bella Hadid on the beach—or at least dressed for it—below.