Here's What Former Disney Star Bella Thorne Looks Like Today

The 'Shake It Up' star has moved on in spectacular fashion.
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Bella Thorne has a come a long way in a very short amount of time. 

Since she appeared as CeCe Jones for the last time in the finale of the short-lived but critically acclaimed Disney Channel series 'Shake It Up' in 2013, the now 18-year-old Thorne has been deemed a "genuine beauty icon" by Glamour, landed herself on the front page of the Canadian edition of Elle magazine, and has even released a single that found its way onto the Billboard Hot 100 charts. 

Now, the beautiful and ambitious young talent has populated her Instagram page with some seriously gorgeous photos to showcase her range as an actress, model, and all-around talented young lady.

While we'll miss Thorne as a beloved, talented Disney Channel actress, we think it's safe to say that after taking a look at some of her amazing poses, we're looking looking forward to seeing Thorne's star burn brightly for years to come.