Stop What You're Doing and Watch Bella Thorne's Alluring Underwear Dance

The former Disney starlet sure knows how to make a sexy Instagram video.
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Bella Thorne, as she recently told us, Instagrams with abandon, sharing bikini shots and provocative poses with little concern for how it will affect her rising acting career or increasingly racy online reputation.

The former Disney starlet's latest InstaVideo, set to the infectious beat of Ciara's 2004 hit "Goodies," gloriously follows this fine tradition. Watch for yourself above, and see if you don't agree.

The 19-year-old bisexual ingenue strikes a pose in a tangerine bra and skin-tight blue boxer shorts (possibly from the set of a sexy photo shoot), not before sticking out her tongue in the style of Miley Cyrus and then contorting her body in ways never before seen on the 'gram. 

If this doesn't catch the attention of Thorne's favorite girl crush, Demi Lovato, nothing will.