These Beautiful BFFs Make Crazy-Sexy Yoga Videos to Promote Their Bikini Line

This is one brilliant marketing strategy.

Bikini BFFs (1)

A trio of gorgeous best friends are striking insane yoga poses to sell bikinis. 

According to New York Post, Ashley Gaffoglio-Ricardo quit her lucrative real estate career to launch her own brand of swimwear, The Bikini Block.

The 28-year-old stunner enlisted the help of her BFFs, Salila Thuy and Naya Rappaport, to exhibit the scanty apparel’s versatility.

Even as the three bend, stretch and contort around each other’s bodies, the suits stay perfectly in place.

It goes without saying, but combining sexy women, bikinis and yoga is one brilliant marketing strategy.

Check other eye-popping highlights from the The Bikini Block’s Instagram account below: