Big Bust Bikini Model Serena Kozakura Beats the System!


Whoever said justice is blind hasn't read this story out of the Orient. Japanese model/actress Serena Kozakura won her appeal in the Tokyo High Court, overturning a lower court's sentence of 14 months in prison for willful destruction of property. How'd she do it? The Double-D Defense: She convinced a jury that her boobs were too big to fit through the 28-centimeter-wide door hole she was accused of making and crawling through. Japan hasn't seen bombs like these in 60 years!

Of course, we're all over it for you:

Serena Kozakura got her start on QVC Japan

Serena Kozakura demonstrates how her breasts outmaneuvered the law.

Gratuitous shots of Serena Kozakura's attorneys:

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