Blake Lively Opens Up About First Nude Scene of Her Career

“When there’s naked boobies, you look at them.”

(Photo: Valery Hache/AFP/Getty Images)

Blake Lively gives a naked performance in All I See Is You, both literally and figuratively.

Playing a blind woman who gains sight after a life-altering surgery, Lively takes us through her fraught self-discovery, which entails a heady sexual awakening. 

Needless to say, a fair amount of nudity from Lively was required.

The former Gossip Girl star and now high-brow actress told Vanity Fair that before the film, she was opposed to nudity full-stop. 

“I always find nudity distracting,” she said. “I’m very in love with my husband, but if there’s a pair of boobs out, I’m a human being! You’re like ‘boobs!'”

“It doesn’t mean I’m lusting for them, [but] when there’s naked boobies, you look at them.”

Stars… they’re just like us!

At first, her agents wouldn’t even let her look at the script, but Blake’s attitude changed after director Marc Forster wouldn’t budge. 

“I thought well, he’s not unmoving. Let me read it and if it’s great, then I’ll [talk] him out of it.”

Looks like she couldn’t talk him out of it. See all of Blake when All I See Is You premieres Oct. 27.