F*ck the Haters, We Love Blanca Padilla From Every Angle

The Spanish beauty reportedly gets called fat “to her face.” We have no idea why.

Remember just before Paris Fashion Week in September, when the gorgeous Gigi Hadad took to Instagram to push back against the social media trolls hating on her unconventional figure? She’s not the only runway starlet who has to deal with this sort of garbage — and not just from random idiots on the Internet.

“All my life I had been trying to gain weight and I used to ask my mum for a special diet to gain weight because I had a complex for being too thin, I wanted to be like my friends who had an ass and boobs,” Spanish model Blanca Padilla saidof her attempts to live a healthier lifestyle in an interview with TV personality Risto Mejide on Al Rincón. “So it’s a huge personal shock when you go to a casting and someone tells you you’re fat. I’ve been told I’m fat to my face.”

Who would call this beauty fat? The same people who say she’s too thin. “Sometimes people don’t understand that it’s as offensive to criticize someone for being underweight as it is for being overweight, especially when your job revolves around your image,” Padilla said. “I always think that one of the most important this you have to learn in this society is to accept yourself, and that’s very hard. Normal people have a lot of issues with this, and it’s the same for models because we actually work with our body and physical appearance. That’s added pressure, because this job isn’t about liking yourself, is about being like your clients want. People at home probably think I’m being dramatic, but the only way to truly understand this is if you work in the industry.”

I’m sorry, but this is fucked up for models like Padilla, no matter how you slice it. I mean, just look at Padilla herself. This woman is objectively beautiful.


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True, we’re talking about an industry with exacting standards and not a legion of internet assholes. And Blanca has a few quibbles with Hadid’s righteous crusade against the body-shamers (“I agree with what [Gigi] said. I don’t have a problem with the fact that you’re a curvy girl on the runway,” she said before adding that “if it was me with [her] same measurements going to a casting they would send me home to lose weight.”) But Hadid and Padilla are united in the assertion that, no matter how thin demanding clients and social media trolls require you to be, you’ll never be thin or beautiful enough.

To that we say: Fuck that noise. Just take a brief visit to Padilla’s Instagram account — we can’t see anything wrong from where we’re sitting. 


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