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A Model Wearing Nothing But Body Paint Went To a College Campus, And It Was Hilarious

These reactions are priceless.
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Jen The Body Painter has unleashed yet another beautiful model wearing nothing but body paint onto an unsuspecting public, and this time they targeted college students.

Devorah, the model who was painted by the Internet prankster, was repeatedly praised by women passerby for her artful ensemble of painted-on ripped denim and a lacy crop top. Just watch the video above, the "OMG" counter from appreciative ladies eventually reaches the double digits.

But the stunned reactions from guys who realized there was a naked hottie wandering around the unspecified campus are what really make the video. 

Jen the Body Painter Promo

The best one came from this trio of bros who did pivoted in unison upon discovering that her shirt and jeans were painted. 

A close second was this guy, who gave her mad "respect" and a high-five after his initial shock subsided. 

See all of the priceless reactions in the video above, and check out Jen's other body paint-based social experiments below: