Meet the Gamer Girls Behind Super Mario #Bowsette Cosplay Trend

Who knew Super Mario’s nemesis could be so sexy?

Bowsette Cosplay Promo 2

Anyone familiar with the Super Mario franchise is surely aware of the all-evil Bowser. But what if the heroic plumber’s spiky arch-nemesis was a softer, more feminine creature named “Bowsette?” 

The thought probably hasn’t crossed most (normal) people’s minds, but that hasn’t stopped Nintendo fans from turning the admittedly freaky idea into a viral cosplay fashion trend—just watch the videos below:

As IGN notes, the “Bowsette” saga’s shallow roots stem from a New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe trailer that was revealed during September’s Nintendo Direct presentation. 

Astute viewers noticed that the forthcoming Nintendo Switch title featured a new character named “Toadette.” When Toadette acquires a power-up dubbed the Super Crown, she transforms into the even more powerful “Peachette.” 

No one knows what will happen if Bowser gets the Super Crown. Still, die-hard female—and a few male— gamers have done their best to embody a Bowser-Peach mashup by donning scanty spandex suits, spiked tails and a golden crown. 

Got it? Good. Now get acquainted with the bizarre #Bowsette trend below: