Bree Turner

Let Breedom ring.

Birthday: March 10, 1977

Hometown: Palo Alto, California

Credited as Dancer No. 1 in Austin Power: The Spy Who Shagged Me, Bree has since made a name for herself with bit parts in American Pie 2, Las Vegas, and Ghost Whisperer. She’ll be soon back on the big screen, starring alongside Katherine Heigl in The Ugly Truth as a workaholic with no time for dating. Which is why she’s trying out‘s sexy photo shoot dating service. Anybody wanna be her valentine?

Street Smart: “I’m just hanging out in my lingerie in the street. It’s fun. It’s a warm 40 degrees and I’m wearing a bra and panties outside.”

Familiar Territory: “I used to be a dancer and I actually did a lot of burlesque, so I’m feeling very comfortable [with this photo shoot]. This is kind of like the Motherland for me.”

Her Two Scents: “We’re at the Slipper Room in the East Village in New York and it smells like old booze and lots of secrets in here. We’re getting in the mood.”

She’s into cheesy romance. Add more parm: “I love a man who plans a romantic dinner, candlelight, good food-eggplant parmesan; that’s my favorite dish, personally-good wine, romantic conversation, followed by, you know, one of those nights back at the house.”

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