Britney Spears Just Served Up the Perfect Sultry Response to Her Bikini Critics

Haters gonna hate.
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Last Sunday, Britney Spears did what any bored celebrity would do and posted a sizzling photo of the pop star sprawled out next to a swimming pool in a skimpy bikini:

Unfortunately, the internet decided to look a gift horse in the mouth, and fans almost immediately accused Spears of photoshopping her jaw-dropping bikini body. Jesus, what sad sack is spending time at home trying to find flaws in an angel like Britney? Just let her do her thing.  

Spears didn't release a statement or anything debunking this insane claim, because we're sure she has better things to do with her time (like lounging next to the pool, or literally anything els). Instead, she waited almost exactly one week to drop another bikini selfie.

Honestly, fans can keep on hating on Britney as much as they want so long as it yields more delightful Instagrams like this.

In the meantime, we go live to Britney Spears for comment: 

haters britney spears.gif