Fans Petition to Replace Confederate Monuments With Britney Spears Statues, Meanwhile Brit Gets Into Sexy Statue Shape

“Replace the Confederate statues with an actual Louisiana hero.”


After the events in Charlottesville, remaining Confederate statues across the South are being taken down. What will go in their place no one knows…

One pop star fan has a bright idea: Kassie Thibodeaux of Rayne, Louisiana is calling on us all to “do the right thing” and replace her state’s many Confederate effigies with monuments honoring “an actual Louisiana hero”—Britney Spears, naturally.

“Not only has Britney proven her talent, but she’s proven her strength of character by not only overcoming highly publicized mental breakdown, but by continuously working towards improving herself,” Thibodeaux wrote in her petition, which has garnered over 1,000 supporters. 

“She’s an inspiration to millions.”

“She’s already earned her star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame, and now it’s time for her home state to honor her with the tribute that she deserves,” the petition continues.

On the off-chance the petition is indeed successful, we can all rest assured that at least the new Britney statues will look good.

Our girl has been working out non-stop, getting into killer shape for when casts of her are made to immortalize her hot gym-honed body.