Watch This Creepy Fan Rush the Stage at a Britney Spears Concert and Scare the Bejesus Out of Everyone

He literally cartwheels onto the stage.

(Photos: Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department & Getty Images)

Britney Spears probably wished she had performed a different song.

As she began a sexy rendition of “Crazy” during her “Pieces of Me” concert in Las Vegas, something truly crazy went down: a crazed fan, 37-year-old Jesse Webb, rushed the stage.

He managed to get a cartwheel in before security tackled him, and Brit’s hunky backup dancers swooped in to pin him down.

Because it’s Britney, bitch.

The man was briefly taken into custody and, via Facebook, claimed he didn’t mean to cause such a circus.

“Just co clarify, no one was trying to attack Britney,” he creepily began.

“One of the ushers approached us and told us that the only dancing that’s going to be done, will be on stage. So we went on stage.” 

I’m not sure that’s what he meant…

“I had no intention to approach Britney. The news really blew this out of proportion,” Webb concluded.

Still, the fear in Britney’s eyes is real. As security pinned the man down and the show halted, her knees buckle when she asks, “Does he have a gun?”

Stay safe, Brit!