Britney Spears Tries On Sexy New Outfits In Her Own Personal Instagram Fashion Show

Take a front-row seat.
(Photo: Scott Gries/ImageDirect/Getty Images)

(Photo: Scott Gries/ImageDirect/Getty Images)

A common Instagram trope is to post an #OOTD, or an "outfit of the day." Not for Britney Spears, however, who possess the vast resources for multiple outfits of the day.

In a new video posted to her Instagram, Britney models various sexy looks and turns a foyer in her home into her very own runway. 

First there's a perilously tight white dress and then a sexy "cowgirl" look, complete with a hat, boots and exposed midriff (giddy up). 

But lastly, she tops it off with her "party Britney" look, a one-shoulder bandage dress. A traditional 1-10 ranking does not capture the magnitude of this outfit. 

We love your outfit videos, Britney, but please don't stop hitting us with those workout videos too.