Britney Spears Shakes Up Instagram A With a Killer See-Through Dress

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Britney Spears is something of a miracle. She's still a young woman, but in her life she's been through the teen celebrity meatgrinder, had a major public meltdown, and come roaring back.

Now it's obvious she's a total professional. She's been the star of a popular Vegas show and has a pretty active life on social media. The latter reflects that she's a committed mom but also still every bit as hot as she was when she burst on the scene.

Britney is also incredibly fit. She has to be for her work, but it seems like she enjoys it as well. Workout videos are a regular feature on her Instagram.

A true fan of Britney Spears knows these things already. 

So enough with reminding you of how much she's got it going on—check some more of her recent Instas below.

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