Britney Spears Just Hit Instagram With Another Super Sexy Catwalk Video

Oops, she did it again.

Britney Spears just can't seem to trust her god-given instincts when selecting an outfit. She just hit Instagram (one more time) with another sexy catwalk video, in which she models a number of fiery, red carpet-ready outfits.

This week, Brit was in Vegas, where she usually performs sold-out shows to her ever-growing "Britney Army." She strutted down a hallway with a strappy white dress, a yellow backless number and, lastly, a flowing pink mini-dress.

To pull a line from a Britney Spears song, "You better werk, bitch!" And that she did.

We simply cannot get enough of Brit on Instagram. Between her workout videos, impromptu runway walks and sexy selfies, she just keeps giving us more