Watch Bikini Model Brittny Ward Spill Lucky Charms All Over Herself in this Sexy Video

Magically delicious indeed.
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Brittny Ward Lucky Charms Promo [Instagram/Chris Applebaum]

[Screenshot: Instagram/Chris Applebaum]

The man behind those eye-popping Carl's Jr. commercials starring Kate Upton is back with all sorts of sultry videos. And this time he's got Brittny Ward playing around with Lucky Charms in a revealing Brazilian bikini. 

It's a good she has the family size, because it doesn't look like much cereal makes it into her mouth.

Director Chris Applebaum cleverly plays Madonna's 1983 hit "Lucky Star" over the top of the clips. If there's a better way to bring back that number, we're all ears. 

Better yet, he's worked tons of shots of the model's bodacious backside into the clips, making Lucky Charms look tastier than ever.

If you haven't already started checking Applebaum's Instagram on the reg, do yourself a favor and hit that follow button now. There are many more food-themed model videos to come. Stay tuned.