Get To Know Maxim South Africa’s Sizzling Cover Model Caitlin O’Connor

“Having a night with Megan Fox is still on my bucket list.”

Photo: Brian B Hayes for Maxim South Africa

Meet Maxim South Africa’s gorgeous April cover girl, Caitlin O’Connor. 

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The beautiful L.A.-based model and actress has amassed an impressive list of acting credits that includes appearances on hit Comedy Central shows like Tosh.0 and Key and Peele, as well as recent roles in feature films like 2015’s boxing drama Southpaw.

Check out these shots from her bikini-clad beach shoot for Maxim South Africa above, then read up on why she loves to post sexy Instagram pics, which celebrity actor she’d love to spend a night with, and the wild Hollywood lifestyle in this exclusive interview.

Describe yourself in 140 characters.

I’m Caitlin O’Connor: an actress, TV presenter and film producer from Los Angeles. My hobbies are naps, desserts, and playing with puppies!

Thanks @ELLEsingapore x @ELLEusa for the feature – link in my bio

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Do you ever take vacations?

I recently stayed in East London for a month, and it was such a beautiful experience. South Africa is by far my favorite place to travel. I did photo shoots in the Indian Ocean while I was there. I had a really fun time enjoying the foods, dive bars and visiting farms, going on safaris, and meeting the local giraffes at the zoo.

Describe your career so far as an actress and TV host.

I enjoy having several career paths and being a multi-hyphenate performer is definitely challenging. There is not enough time in the day! I am very proud to work as Maxim’s red carpet presenter in the U.S. It is quite an honor. I have also enjoyed appearing in Maxim USA as their “Helpful Hottie” advice girl. 

Tough cookie. @geaphoto

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What do you like and dislike in a man?

Well, I love men and women, and what attracts me to either sex is a great sense of self-confidence, humor, and an appreciation for the arts and creativity. I very much dislike judgmental people.

How you doin' @pypaiphoto

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If you could choose a famous man to spend all night with, who would you choose and why?

If I could spend an evening with anyone, it would be Henry Cavill as Superman or Pierce Brosnan as James Bond! I, of course, would be existing in this fantasy as a Bond girl! But then again, having a night with Megan Fox is still on my bucket list.

Name something sexy that you haven’t done, but always wanted to do.

I have always wanted to go to massage therapy classes! I think it’s very sexy if you know how to give a great massage.

How did you get so many followers on Instagram?

I love giving my followers a sense of my daily life. My struggles and hardships, and my good times too. Posting sexy photos is a big part of it and I love shooting in lingerie and feeling sexy and confident in my own skin. You can find me on Instagram or follow my daily life on Snapchat also, CaitlinOConnor1.

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So you’ve appeared on shows like Two and a Half Men, Comedy Bang! Bang!, Key & Peele, and Tosh.0; tell us, what it’s like to be in the Hollywood comedy business?

The scariest moment of my life was the very first time I tried stand-up comedy. I have such admiration and gratitude for women who are stand-up comedians, it is one of the toughest things you can do. Scripted comedy roles have always been my dream job… I grew up with role models like Kelly Ripa and Melissa Joan Hart who starred in their own episodic network comedies. I definitely strive to follow in their footsteps.

The face I make when I only buy Christmas gifts for myself @mariobarberiophotos

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If you could work alongside one actor and one actress, who would you choose and why?

Working with Jon Voight on Ray Donovan’s season 4 finale episode was a dream come true. My grandfather liked watching him on television. It was a surreal experience to be in a scene with him. In the future, I would love to work alongside Jennifer Lawrence and Olivia Wilde. I admire their courage, strength, and activism, especially in recent times.

Stressed but trying to hold my ish together @bryandewittphoto #election2016

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Speaking of ‘surreal’, what is the most surreal experience you’ve had in your career?

I have had so many surreal experiences on film sets lately. Having Jon Gries, (Uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite) play my abusive husband in Glass Jaw was definitely a surreal moment for me. I love Jon Gries—he is an amazing actor.

Is Hollywood life actually as wild as it seems?

Life in Hollywood is definitely wild! I get numb to it sometimes, until I describe things to friends and family who don’t live in LA and they are so shocked by some of the things I have seen. But, what happens in Hollywood… goes on my Instagram, so tune in.

Saturday night in @gregoriophotography

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