Calvin Harris Rebounds From Taylor Swift With Beautiful R&B Star Tinashe

It’s been a rough week for T-Swift.

When Taylor Swift rebounded with actor Tom Hiddleston in her latest media coup, it appeared her EDM star ex, Calvin Harris, had gotten the short end of the stick.

But in a stunning change in fortune, T-Swift’s carefully-cultivated reputation was rocked by her biggest scandal yet (being exposed as a liar by Kimye), and that Scottish DJ she hung out to dry, Calvin, found himself a beautiful new girlfriend, sultry R&B singer Tinashe.

That sounds like the ultimate payback.

This is a bit of a jump for Calvin as Tinashe is a bit more of a wild child than good girl Taylor (although we now know that might have never been the case).

Tinashe is 23-years-old, hails from Kentucky, and is best known for her club banger “All Hands on Deck” as well as her featured work in Charli XCX‘s memorable “Drop That Kitty.” 

When Tinashe isn’t bringing the heat to music videos or getting caught in flagrante at Nobu with certain top DJs, she’s wilding out on Instagram, showing everyone just how lucky Calvin Harris is.

Well done, Calvin.