Former Patriots Cheerleader Camille Kostek May Have Split With Gronk, But She Still Looks Amazing In These Photos

What were you thinking, Gronk?
Rob Gronkowski Camille Kostek Promo

Ex-Patriots cheerleader Camille Kostek and legendarily bro-tastic Pats tight end Rob Gronkowksi have reportedly split, report our friends at TMZ.

Here's the deal ... we're told Rob and Camille "had a fling" a while back -- but it was never anything official and Gronk has moved on. 

No big deal, right? Except that Kostek's recent activity on social media seems to indicate that she's definitely still feeling him. Just weeks ago, for instance, she posted this racy photo of herself in a Gronk jersey...and nothing else. 

And then there's this week-old clip from Barstool Sports, in which Kostek was promoted as the hard-partying NFL star's girlfriend. Not only did she not correct Barstool, but she even revealed Gronk's lifelong obsession with "69" jokes. 

While neither has yet to comment on their relationship status, it may be that Kostek isn't ready to let go of Gronk. Or it could all just be one big misunderstanding. Who among us can ever truly understand the mysteries of the human heart, right guys?

But if there's one thing we know for sure, it's that Camille is pretty much a total smokeshow. Just take a look at these Instagrams for definitive proof. 

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