Candice Swanepoel Crushes It On Instagram With Smoking Hot Topless Shots

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Candice Swanepoel became a mom six months ago and these sizzling topless shots she posted on her Instagram Saturday seem to show that something about motherhood has been good for her. She's more of an epic stunner than ever before, with an added glow.

And in this shoot for Vogue she demonstrated how she looks great from every angle as well, even when we don't get to see her striking blue eyes.

It's great to see Candice back in the swing of things modeling-wise, though it feels like she really didn't take any breaks at all. And that motherhood totally agrees with her. 

The Victoria's Secret model's Insta may have been a little less active than before due to the demands of a new baby, but it's still packed with tons of amazing shots. It's no wonder Candice has over 10 million followers—sometimes she's almost too hot.

Not that anyone's complaining. Check out a few past Instas below that all prove why she's one of our all-time faves.