The Car 100: Maxim November 2014

From terrain-tackling SUVs to record-bustling supercars, we name 2014’s greatest automotive achievements.

Look! It’s a 10 on a 7. The 10 is aggressively ravishing Dutch beauty Bregje Heinen, and the 7 is Jaguar’s Project 7, a lightened, lowered, and even more powerful speedster version of Jag’s vicious F-Type convertible. Flip through for 99 more of our favorite automotive experiences, from the shriek of Alfa’s latest coupe to the speed of the Z/28, the 911-besting Camaro from the Bowtie Boys. Plus, with advice on unwinding from Matthew McConaughey and business tips from Bill Gates, be sure to check it all out in Maxim‘s November 2014 issue.

Photos by Xavi Gordo