Cara Delevingne Makes Bank

Let’s break this down to a day rate. 

Even though she’s leaving the industry behind, fashion has been good to Cara Delevingne. Between serving as the face of every brand from Chanel to Topshop, the model has raked in millions of dollars in the last year alone.

On Monday, the model reported earnings through her company Cara & Co of upwards of £3 million (that’s over $4 million here stateside) during 2014. While her filings didn’t separate her wealth by projects (meaning we don’t know how much of it came from the five movies she appeared in this year), that’s still a heck of a lot of dough. 

When you break it down, the 23 year-old is banking $13,057 per day simply for looking good. And in our opinion, she deserves every single dollar.

Of course, that’s nothing on the top-earning Gisele Bundchen.

Photos by NBC