Supermodel Cara Delevingne Is Getting Roasted Over This Racy New ‘Catcall’ Commercial

Many consider ‘”catcalling” a form of harassment.


British supermodel Cara Delevingne is the star of a glittering new fashion commercial for Jimmy Choo shoes. Retraction: Cara Delevingne was the star.

Jimmy Choo pulled the commercial, which showed Cara walking down a New York City street in high-priced heels as men whistle and leer, from its social accounts after igniting considerable online controversy.

(Photo: Jimmy Choo)

Twitter users are blasting the ad as sexist, claiming it glorifies “catcalling,” or when men whistle and shout sexual comments about women on the street.

Case in point: at one point in the commercial, one of the cat callers shouts, “Nice shoes, lady.”

Many say catcalling is a form of street harassment that can cause women to feel unsafe in public. Sensitivity to the issue is at a peak following the sexual harassment scandals involving Harvey Weinstein, Matt Lauer, Louis C.K. and more.

Jimmy Choo nor Cara Delevingne have yet to issue apologies for the commercial. 

(Photo: Jimmy Choo)

h/t Mashable