A Photographer Learns the Hard Way What Happens When You Mess With Cara Delevingne

She warned them before. 

A few weeks ago Cara Delevingne let off a string of tweets warning photographers to back off. Sure, the language was extremely colorful and there was mention of biting, but it was clear that the model was pissed about having her privacy invaded by an overzealous paparazzi.

If you thought that was an isolated incident, think again.

Video surfaced this week of the model making her way into the Chanel show in Paris on Tuesday with model buddy Kendall Jenner and running into some paparazzi. While no one is quite clear on what happened, the multiple videos show our blessed Delevingne make her way through the crowd, turn around, focus on one photographer, run over, shove him, and then scamper inside.

Talk about a hit and run.

In another angle, it seems that a member of the press may have grabbed to get Delevingne’s attention — if you watch closely, you see her arm fly back and her progress stunted. We would assume someone grabbed her to get a good shot before Delevingne guessed who it was and retaliated. A word to the wise, folks: don’t touch the models.

We just hope she doesn’t start taking lessons from Ronda Rousey.

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