Larry David's Daughter Cazzie Has His Same Cringe-Worthy Sense of Humor, Looks Much Better In a Bikini

She's pretttty, pretttty, pretttty hot....
(Photos: @cazziedavid/Instagram & Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

(Photos: @cazziedavid/Instagram & Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Plenty of Hollywood spawn try to launch careers of their own—as Instagram models or fashion "entrepreneurs," for instance.

But Cazzie David is not just the daughter of some ingénue or matinee idol. The 23-year old, who has a popular web series and a sizzling Instagram account to boot, is none other than the daughter of comedy legend Larry David.

That would explain why her widely-praised web series Eighty-Sixed, which has drawn comparisons to Lena Dunham's millennial-geared HBO show Girls, is chalk full of the same wry, cringe-inducing humor of Seinfeld or Curb Your Enthusiasm.

In the series, co-written and created by Cazzie herself, she plays Remi, a faintly narcissistic young woman in Los Angeles navigating a life of social anxiety and privilege.

Comedy chops are hereditary, it seems. (Just ask her her boyfriend, Saturday Night Live's Pete Davidson.) But sorry Larry, she clearly got some other attributes "from her mamma."

See what we mean with her 10 best Instagram moments, below.