Eight Times Smoking Hot Celebs Ditched Their Bras and Made the World a Sexier Place

Kendall Jenner, Iggy Azalea and the Hadid sisters all rock our new favorite trend.
(Photo: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)

(Photo: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)

As anyone who has ever vacationed in Italy or France will tell you, wearing a bra underneath one's clothing isn't customary in every corner of the globe.

In fact, there are circles in the United States—typically Hollywood ones—where going braless is never frowned upon and, better yet, actively encouraged. 

Bella Hadid and Zoë Kravitz are among the standard bearers of the braless look, where unfettered breasts sway just as God intended them and nipples poke out through T-shirts in utter freedom.

Below, revisit eight times celebrities left their pesky bras at home and let it all hang out.

Bella Hadid

Gigi Hadid

Kendall Jenner


Zoë Kravitz

Rita Ora

Charli XCX

Iggy Azalea

This is just the latest trend to arise from the greater #FreeTheNipple movement.