Championship Golfer Sophie Horn

She drives ’em crazy with sexy on the green.

Championship golfer Sophie Horn drives ’em crazy with sexy on the green.

Golf hasn’t had a player as hot as you since…ever, really. We’d like to thank you for bringing your hottitude here from England.

America is excited about golf and what I’m doing. The game could use a little sexing up, because it’s a bit stuck in its old ways, especially in England. If a girl walks onto a course there with a skirt above her knees, it’s all shock and horror. Golf needs to be a bit more fun and risqué!

What’s the strongest part of your game?

The driver.

How far do you hit it?

About 270.

We’re crying on the inside. If a guy practices a lot but still sucks, what should he do? Quit?

Ha, that’s funny. A lot of times guys try to smack it too hard. Maybe go back to basics—be conscious of where the club face is and hit the ball square.

You cover a lot of PGA events. Do the pros cut loose in the clubhouse when the round is over?

Golf is probably worse than football. I’ll leave it up to the imagination, but boys will be boys.

But they’re gentlemen around you, right?

I’m usually out there working, so I have to be a lady and keep them at arm’s length!

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Photos by Steve Read | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2012