Charlize Theron Is Single, Says Someone Needs to ‘Grow a Pair’ and Ask Her Out

“I’m shockingly available.”

Yes, her. She’s available.

Charlize Theron is alone. 

No, we can’t believe it, either. But according to an interview the stunning South African star gave alongside fellow Long Shot star Seth Rogen at CinemaCon, she doesn’t have a special someone in her life. 

She’s been single a surprisingly long time. 

Theron and Rogen were discussing their upcoming relationship comedy with ET‘s Kevin Frazier when she dropped that bomb:

In Long Shot, Rogen plays a man who courts his childhood love and former babysitter, who is now running for President — but Theron said that in reality, she’s been out of the dating pool for so song that courting her would be anything but a “long shot.” 

“I’ve been single for 10 years, it’s not a long shot. Somebody just needs to grow a pair and step up,” she said. “I’m shockingly available.” 

Do what now? 

Seth Rogen jumped in at this point: “She’s out there,” he reportedly said.

Theron followed up. “I’ve made it very clear.”

#11 Charlize Theron - When a woman is this mind-bogglingly beautiful, we're more than willing to overlook the fact that she's eerily good at playing a serial killer, an assassin, and now an evil queen in this month's Snow White and the Huntsman.
Charlize Theron

Is it because her last relationship was with Hollywood bad boy turned bad middle-aged drug lord profiler Sean Penn? She split from Penn in 2015, and even if he’s cleaned up his act since the days of his really troubled relationship with Madonna, it’s likely he was a lot to take.

No one really knows what the deal is. Theron is very busy starring in everything and modeling and generally stunning us every time she shows up on a screen somewhere, and she’s a mom. She’s also occasionally playing with puppies that bite her boob.

Look, she’s tall, gorgeous, and can probably kick some ass in real life, given the gift she’s demonstrated for action hero insanity in Mad Max: Fury Road and Atomic Blonde. Her biggest breakout role was playing the most famous American female serial killer

There’s no doubt she’s intimidating.

But from the sound of this interview, this single superstar might be ready to mingle. Get on it, guys. See some incentive below.

From her film debut in ‘2 Days in the Valley’