Charlotte McKinney Goes Topless in a Stunning Beachside Vignette

Just gorgeous.
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Imagine that it's Sunday morning. You step out of the front door of your house as the sun begins to rises, the first light of the day bathing the fence at the end of your property in golden glow. You stand at the end of your domain and gaze out over the ocean as the tide crashes on perfectly smooth sand before you.

Now imagine this with Charlotte McKinney:

The model posted this jaw-dropping photo of a tender moment at the beach this past Sunday. Sure, it's not the usual sultry fare from this beauty's mega-popular Instagram account, but admit it: in the softness of the morning light, McKinney looks like a blonde goddess bathed in pure Americana.

Disappointed? Don't be. If there's one thing we learned from McKinney's sexy LOVE magazine holiday advent calendar shoot, it's that we love this beauty on the beach: