A Chat with Alison Haislip

All in favor? Say “Hai!”

Birthday: February 6, 1981

Hometown: Tewksbury, New Jersey

Where You’ve Seen Her: You may recognize cutie Alison Haislip from appearances in Reno 911!, I Hate My 30s, and The Donner Party. She’s also been the correspondent for NBC’s The Voice and G4’s Attack of the Show! Now she stars on the new Hulu series, Battleground, a docu-style drama revolving around a group of campaign workers. We chatted with the spunky blonde about the new gig, her guilty pleasures, and what will get you into her “friend box.”

On her Battleground Character: “Ali is the campaign’s Head of New Media. I took one look at the character and knew it was me. I mean, she just sits online all day watching YouTube videos and tweeting. It was a no-brainer, especially since we share the same name.”

Attack of the Awesome Job: “Favorite parts of working on AOTS: blowing things up, shooting guns, flying jets, swimming with sharks, hanging with ninjas, eating scorpions, Comic Con, getting dildos banned from the show, and playing video games for research.”

Get Your Drink On: “The friendships I made [on The Voice] are the best things I took away from the experience. That, and Blake Shelton’s recipe for Bacardi and Crystal Light.”

Get More Drink On: “My signature drink is a John Daly—sweet tea vodka and lemonade, a.k.a. an alcoholic Arnold Palmer. Only golf people get that reference.”

Embarrassing iPod Jams: “Nickelback. I know, okay?! I know.”

Pinkberry, are you reading this? “If Pinkberry paid me solely in fro-yo to be their spokesperson, I’d totally do it.”

Crushes: “My guy crush is Joseph Gordon-Levitt. I’ve crushed on him since Third Rock from the Sun. As for the ladies, I always said I’d switch teams for Angelina Jolie, but I think Emma Stone is starting to replace her. That girl can do no wrong.”

Listen up, fellas: “Please be funny and straightforward. It’s easy for me to just be friends with guys, so if you’re not clear with your intentions from the start, I’ll put you into that ‘friend box’ faster than I’ll chug that drink you just bought me.”

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