A Chat with Corry Weller

Nice Road Trucker

What can you say to a supermodel truck racer besides, “Marry me?” Corry Weller went from being a mom, to racing Motocross quads, to racing trucks. The fast but friendly Weller is mixing it up with the guys on the track, racing in the Pro 4 class. What’s more surprising than seeing a beautiful woman handle a racing truck, is seeing her win. Check out LucasOilOffRoad.com for more racing info. And read below to find out why Corry Weller is the perfect woman.

Not Your Typical Racer

CORRY: I didn’t come from a racing family. When I was about 29 I was watching Supercross and thought that looked fun. I wanted to give a try. But then I saw the quads and asked, “Can you race these?” So I got a quad. I took it out to the Motocross track. After learning how to ride, the next step is racing. I started racing the quad and found out I was pretty good at at. And then I saw the trucks at a short course. That was the coolest thing I’ve ever seen, and I said I want to do that someday. My husband and I talked about it the whole way home. I did okay the first year. I moved up in class. I won a bunch of races in 2010, and in 2011 I won a championship.

What’s It Feels Like

It’s better than any roller coaster. You have all that seat-of-the-pants scary feelings going on, but you’re also in control. It’s explosive. It’s rough. The airtime is the best. When you hit a jump, it’s amazing. I love the hangtime. Jumps are always fun. It’s a 15 to 20 minute race, at super high speeds, in super close quarters. It gets intense. [Click to see Corry in action.]

She’s Fearless

Because I came to truck racing from the world of Quad Motocross, I would say I’m less afraid now. If I screwed up a jump in Motocross I’m hitting the ground and breaking bones. There’s blood and hospitals. The truck eliminates most of that because you have the seat and the harness and the cage. There’s a lot of safety regulations. Now I’m just out having a blast and going fast. I get so excited just sitting in the truck.

You Have Been Warned

I’m racing in the Pro 4 class. It’s a manly man class. These trucks are powerful. No one thought I’d be able to hold my own in this class, let alone be competitive. And I am. And it’s just going to get worse because I’m just going to get faster.

Getting Pwned By Female Drivers

It was never about me being a girl. I got tension from the guys because I was a good driver, but not because I was a woman winning races. But this year, for the first time I’m starting to see it. Because I’m a girl and on the track, and I’m faster than a lot of people thought I would be, the drivers around me will push themselves harder. And it’s not always the driver putting the pressure on himself. From what I’m hearing it’s the spotter saying to the driver, “Don’t let her pass you! Don’t let her pass you! Do not get beat by a girl!” It’s strange to deal with.

Don’t Take It Personal, Guys

I don’t think any of the guys should feel bad if I beat them. I’m just a driver. So what if I have boobs?

Not a Barbie Girl  

I grew up in a mellow household. I hung out with my dad a lot in the garage. I always did boy things and had more guy friends because the boys always had more fun. They always had the cool toys. I liked to be in the mud and play with frogs instead of playing with Barbies.

Don’t Try This At Home

My first car was a three-cylinder Chevy Sprint. It was like a little go-kart! And then I got a Honda Prelude and I got so many tickets in that car during college. I just loved to drive that car fast. And I went to college north of Napa where the roads are really twisty. I would haul ass in the Prelude. I look back on that time and cringe. I could have gone off the cliff. I got that car airborne a couple of times. But it was so fun.

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