A Chat with Lindsay Pulsipher


When not breaking hearts and humans as a were-panther on True Blood, actress Lindsay Pulsipher causes epic feuds as Rosanne McCoy in The History Channel's new miniseries Hatfields and McCoys. Her character doesn't exactly win the daughter-of-the-award after she falls in love with one of those wretched Hatfield boys. The love affair added fuel to the already smoldering fire between clans Hatfield and McCoy. Lucky for us, Lindsay is a less of a trouble maker in real life.

Any real feuds on the set?

I wish I could give you something juicy to write about, but I'm not kidding when I say everyone on set got along swimmingly. We were all buddies. Everybody had a great time. That's unusual for a cast of 30 or 35 people. 

She knows her stuff. 

I knew the basic story. I love history, so I did a lot of research after I got the part. It was fascinating to learn all the details about these two families. There's every element in the story: Violence, love, family separation, segregation. It was shocking to learn how violent it was.

Any dating advice for Roseanna?

Fall in love with somebody else.  In real life, my parents pretty much approved of all my boyfriends. I guess I was doing something wrong. I should have been more rebellious. 

Hey! That's not America!

We filmed it in Romania. It's amazing how beautiful the mountains are out there. It really mimics what West Virginia and old Kentucky looked like back then. Now it's hard to find locations in the States that actually look like that. Everything is too developed. 

Pick a side!

I have to say I'm Team McCoy. The Hatfields are more of a rough and tumble group. They would win in a physical battle. But the McCoys have a spiritual strength and Bill Paxton's character is a religious man. So based on that, I think the McCoys would win. 

McCoys v. Avengers

I think it's safe to say the Avengers would win. 

McCoys v. Ghostbusters

The McCoys would actually win that one. They have more members. 

Skinny Dipping Breaks the Ice

The skinny dipping scene was the first scene we shot. My co-star (Matt Barr) and I met a few times before that, but this was our first scene. So we dove right in and it's like, well…we know each other now. 

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