A Chat with Michelle Viscusi

This Top Shot contestant is one sexy shooter

This Top Shot contestant is one sexy shooter.

The History Channel has finally combined two of our favorite things, girls and guns, into one reality competition in Top Shot. Each week, the contestants are presented with new shooting challenges and this season, one of those contestants happened to be a babe by the name of Michelle Viscusi. She got eliminated way too early, but lucky for us, that left her open for a Maxim photo shoot. After posing for our cameras, Viscusi chatted with us about the show, her tattoos and the best way for a guy to talk up a gunslinging hottie.

How did your shoot for Maxim go?

It went really well, it was exciting. I had a lot of fun.

Can you tell us what the audition process was like for Top Shot?

It was insane because it’s so long and you have to go through so many processes to actually get on the show. You make it past semi-finals and you think you’ve made it, but then it’s like, “Okay, well you’ve made it to the finals.” Once you get into the finals, you have to go off to L.A. and you think you’ve made it there, but you actually have to go through all these other processes and meet the producer and everything. And then you’re super excited, you come back home and you have two more weeks to actually wait and see if you made it on. So it’s long, but definitely worth it.

Who are you rooting for to win the season?

I was rooting for Gabby [the only other female contestant, pictured above], but she’s already off. Can I still pick her?

Sure you can. Go Gabby! Do you still hang out with any members of the Blue Team?

I talk to most of them. Don’t really hang out with them as everybody’s in different states. But when events like SHOT Show come around, we can all get together.

Do you find that guys are intimidated by your gun skills?

Oh, God. [Laughs] No, I don’t think so. They’re more interested that I shoot guns than intimidated by it.

What’s the best way for a guy to approach you?

Just walk up to me. I’m easy to be approached. It shouldn’t be intimidating at all.

Can you tell us about your tattoos?

I have six. The one on my forearm says, “Assist. Protect. Defend.” I got it because I’m in the military and I’ve always wanted to be a cop. The one on my arm, the rose and gladiolus, I got for my parents. But I don’t think anyone saw my other tattoos. I’ve got guns on my sides, I got them when I was 18 because, like I said, I love guns, and I got them in the shape of an M for my name.

What’s your go-to drink?

Vodka Red Bull

If you had won the show, what would you have done with the money?

I would have blown it on guns and random things. I mean, there’s no specific thing I would’ve done with it. I would’ve probably just bought a bunch of guns and used it for school.

Which guns?

A Benelli, so I could practice. [Laughs]