Chatting With Grace Helbig

Get to know the host of Daily Grace and My Damn Channel Live.

Get to know the host of Daily Grace and My Damn Channel Live.

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Why should people tune in to My Damn Channel Live and what can we expect to see?

Because it’s awesome! We’re doing a live show five days a week; Wednesdays are a half hour long, and the others are ten minutes. It’s a fun burst of live spontaneity that breaks up a workday pretty nicely. We’ve got lots of celebrity guests and new comedy and web series that will air as well.  It’s a grab bag, and it’s easy to feel connected to it.

What YouTube channels do you think Maxim readers should be watching right now?

Well, Daily Grace and My Damn Channel. Check out the Fine Brothers, and their upcoming scripted comedy series called My Music. I would highly recommend that, on account of I’m in it. Check out My Drunk Kitchen with Hanna Harto and You Deserve a Drink with my friend Mamrie Hart– I actually shoot and edit those videos for her.  She’ll come to my apartment with bags of booze and we’ll write some jokes, shoot it and then drink the drinks she makes.  It’s kind of the best scenario for creating content.

What’s the best thing you’ve gotten to do so far with Attack of the Show?

I got to interview Will Farrell in a white pant suit, which was probably the highlight of my entire life so far. I did a junket for his new movie Casa de mi Padre and in the movie, one of the characters is wearing a white suit.  So G4 dressed me up in one to sit down with Will Ferrell and talk to him about the movie.  He is the nicest human on earth and really made me feel comfortable.  He was so kind, sincere, and funny. He just made me think “I wish everyone was like this.”

Do you have a Hollywood crush?

I used to love George Clooney until this nurse in this hospital told my dad that he looked like George Clooney and then that ruined it for me. So it’s no longer George Clooney, but I do have this weird attraction to Pat Sajak, but I’m 5’9 and I’m pretty sure Pat Sajak is 4’11, so that also ruins it for me.  But I think he’d be awesome to get drunk with.  I also have a weird attraction to Danny McBride. I just want him to hold me close and feed me. That would be a great night.

You’re a lover of Bailey’s Irish Cream—would you say that’s your signature drink?

The Internet has sort of forced that to be my favorite drink.  That’s the thing I’ve learned about the Internet–  they latch onto one thing and run with it. That being said, I love Bailey’s. Sometimes I drink like a 50-year-old man—I like dirty gin martinis a lot, but I order them in the worst way possible.  I’ll go out to a bar and I’ll be very sophisticated and say “Yes I’d like a dirty gin martini” and then they’ll say “What kind of gin?” and I’ll say “Whatever is your cheapest gin!” It’s like this oxymoron of sophistication and monetary deficiency.

What would you say is your greatest guilty pleasure?

Oh! I love the Real Housewives, all of them.  And it’s not even a guilty pleasure.  It’s pure pleasure, and I look forward to them.  They’re wonderful because they’re terrible.  They make me feel good about my life.

What is one thing you would blow all your money on?

I like traveling a lot and going out to eat and out to drink, so I could see myself spending money on that.  Or a house with slides inside of it– when I was younger, I saw on HGTV there was a house with a spiral staircase that had a mahogany slide next to it. And that was my goal as a child: to one day be rich enough to buy a house with a slide inside.  And I still feel that way. So, traveling, or a house with slides.

What is the most embarrassing thing on your iPod?

All of it!  I am not a music connoisseur.  I have “Blue (Da Ba Dee),” “Bawitdaba,” and “Desert Rose.”

What’s your life advice for Maxim readers?

Have a good time.  Just like LMFAO says.

Check out Grace live today at 4pm on My Damn Channel Live.

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