Check Her Out Dakota Johnson

We won’t require backup on this one, Tubbs.

See This, For Her: The Social Network, out now on DVD.

Why: You may not want to think about Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith procreating now, but 21 years ago, when they were still considered attractive people, they produced daughter Dakota, who’s grown up to be a model for MANGO jeans and an aspiring actress. Though she made an appearance in 1999’s Crazy in Alabama, we think there may have been some nepotism involved, as that flick was directed by stepdad Antonio Banderas and starred her mom. But after turning up in last year’s The Social Network (opposite Justin Timberlake) and with the upcoming Beastly (co-starring fellow “grown up nicely” all-stars Vanessa Hudgens and Mary-Kate Olsen) on tap, we see things heading north for Dakota. Many, many “things.”