Check Out Mayra Verónica's Super-Hot New Music Video (& Even Hotter Beach Pics!)

The Cuban bombshell goes burlesque on "Mama Mia."

There's a good chance you're already familiar with Cuban-born model and singer Mayra Verónica - after all, she has been on one or two (or maybe three or even more) covers of Maxim's various international editions. Rocking some of the most famous curves in the business, the super-sexy singer is releasing her ridiculously catchy single "Mama Mia" in the UK later this month, and to promote it, she's just released an awesome new video, wearing pin-up legend Bettie Page's original swimsuit. Now, we're not saying that every guy on here will necessarily appreciate the song (although honestly, how can you not love a song that rhymes "Shake my brassiere" with "Mama Mia!"?) but we'd be pretty amazed if you didn't appreciate the video...

We're guessing you'd probably like to see more Mayra after that one, right? Well, here you go! "Mama Mia," indeed...