Chrissy Teigen Just Boarded the Flight to Hell, And She Hilariously Live-Tweeted the Whole Thing

An unauthorized person boarded, and the Tokyo-bound plane had to be turned around.


Supermodel, lip sync MC and unofficial Twitter commentator Chrissy Teigen just survived the plane ride from hell. 

Halfway through her trip from Los Angeles to Tokyo, the plane had to be turned around because one passenger supposedly “[wasn’t] supposed to be on the plane.” 

Like a hilarious citizen reporter, Teigen live-tweeted the entire ordeal from the sky, turning a potentially frustrating and headache-inducing incident into a hilarious piece of viral entertainment.

Here, the tale of Teigen’s tumultuous flight to Tokyo:

Being stuck on a plane with Chrissy Teigen for eight hours doesn’t sound so bad, tbh.

h/t Uproxx