Watch Chrissy Teigen Work Up a Sweat In This ’80s-Inspired Aerobics Video

See the sexy supermodel get physical.

On day 16 of its December advent calendar, LOVE magazine has officially run out of concepts, retooling Bella Hadid’s ’80s aerobics-inspired video on Chrissy Teigen. Still, we can’t be too hard on director Doug Inglish since watching Teigen get physical in a slinky leotard is maybe one of the best workouts we’ve ever had.

Like Ciara’s video before her, this one takes a turn for the weird. Still breaking a sweat, Teigen chows own on hot dogs and other fast foods while illustrations of junk food pop up on the screen. This all begs the question: would Chrissy like some fries with that shake?

We can’t wait to see who is up next on LOVE‘s advent calendar, which is bringing us videos of smokeshows like Emily Ratajkowski and Taylor Hill in the days leading to Christmas.