Chrissy Teigen Made Her Boobs Talk, And We Just Can't Stop Listening

Get an earful of this.
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Late at night, you may have laid in bed, pensively staring at the ceiling, and wondered, "If Chrissy Teigen's boobs could talk, what would they say?"

Well, Chrissy Teigen's bountiful breasts are here with the answers.

In a behind-the-scenes video from her Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue photo shoot, the always-hilarious hottie revealed a secret known to no one, besides presumably her husband John Legend.

Her boobs can talk. And boy, do they have a lot to say!

"Hey y'all, I'm Chrissy's boobs," they declare. "Y'all are very inclusive of the titty," her breasts add.

Now that the cat is out of the bag, we can't wait to hear more insight from Chrissy's talking breasts. For now, we'll just have to revisit her previous sexy Instagram posts, below.

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