Cindy Busby: Hot in a Cold Climate

The Canadian actress shows us why she’s sweeter than a Tim Horton’s Canadian Maple donut.

A certified star in her native Canada thanks to her starring role on the series Heartland (currently airing on The CW here in the States), Cindy is primed to make an impact in 2011 with those of us not obsessed with maple syrup and Rush. Her résumé hits all the high points you’d expect from an up-and-coming bombshell (an appearance in a direct-to-DVD American Pie flick, The Book of Love; a forthcoming appearance in a Syfy original movie, Behemoth; a Canadian beer commercial), and she’ll share the big screen with Steve Martin, Jack Black and Owen Wilson when The Big Year arrives in theaters this fall. So we welcome you to America, Cindy; need a tour guide?