13 Reasons We Can't Get Enough of Cindy Prado on Instagram

The Cuban-American beauty is as stunning as they come.
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We've been in love with Cindy Prado for years, ever since she first came to our attention in our 2014 Hometown Hotties contest:

Born and raised in Miami, the Cuban-American model got her start modeling at 18 for fashion brands like 1sol swimwear and Maaji swimwear before launching her 247,000-strong Instagram account and appearing in magazines like Maxim and FHM. If that's not enough to get your attention, consider checking out her blog, where this active beauty loves to flaunt her incredible figure.

"I love guys with a sense of humor and good fashion sense," she told Urbasm in 2014. "I absolutely could never date a guy that doesn’t know how to dress." Should be no problem for a suave, sophisticated man such as yourself, right?

Check out these reasons we love Cindy Prado and follow her on Instagram at @cindyprado.

She has an absolutely killer figure:

She knows how to rock her Calvins:

Like all models, she looks amazing in the surf ... 

... down by the pool:

She's damn stunning in black and white:

She knows exactly what her best feature is:

She likes to hang out in bed:

She looks as gorgeous dressed up...

...and dressed down...

...all the way down:

She'll be the captain of your ship...

...no matter how small it is:

And most importantly, she loves incredible cars as much as you do:

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