This College Student Just Penned A Powerful Essay Defending Sexy Selfies

Clarity Engel’s curves are causing quite a stir.

Millennials receive plenty of flak for all they blast on social media, but 19-year-old Clarity Engel has left critics with plenty to chew on.

In a powerful personal essay posted on The Tab, the curvaceous University of Boulder-Colorado student defended her sexy selfie habit and hit back at the double standards young women face on social media.

“I’m very vocal about my career aspirations — what I wish to accomplish, where I wish to be in terms of my professional journey,” the collegiate cutie wrote. “But I am constantly criticized for the pictures I post on my social media accounts in regards to my future career plans.”

“One photo and all of your academic achievements, humanitarian efforts and hours of hard work are not valid anymore,” Engel continued. “And I hate to say it, but this situation only applies to women.”

“For instance, when male doctors in Ireland appeared shirtless in sexy photos for a calendar to raise money for Epilepsy Ireland, that did not detract from their professionalism or expertise. In fact, it actually boosted their credibility.”

Engel is right on the nose here. Plenty of guys post gym selfies and get pats on the back while women are shamed for being “tacky” or “thirsty” when baring skin for the ‘gram.

“My body has no effect on my intelligence or capabilities, and neither do the pictures I post on social media,” Engel concluded. “I know that I will be successful in my future professional endeavors, and a photo of myself in a bikini isn’t going to change that.”

Let’s give it up to brave young ladies of Instagram like Clarity Engel for tearing down centuries of prejudice with fire selfies and cheeky backside shots (see below).

Bottoms up to that!

h/t COED