The Top 10 Colleges With the Hottest Student Bodies, Ranked

Did your alma mater make the cut?
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Let's be real. For the nation's college hopefuls, academic ranking, tuition costs and faculty renown aren't the real reasons to pick a school. Instead, the nation's young men pursuing higher education really want to know one thing —which campus has the hottest girls.

Clover, the dating application, is here with the answers. Analyzing data from 1.4 million users, Clover was able to score student members on their attractiveness from the ratio of likes to dislikes they received from potential suitors. 

Once individual levels of attractiveness were determined, Clover then grouped students within their respective universities and were then, at last, able to determine which schools had the hottest students, male and female.

Selena Gomez's sorority from "Neighbors 2" sadly didn't make the cut. 

Selena Gomez's sorority from "Neighbors 2" sadly didn't make the cut. 

California did the best, with the state claiming two of the top three colleges with the most attractive women. Meanwhile, the University of Wisconsin, at number five, claimed the highest percentage of women looking for long-term relationships (read: bad hook-up culture). 

Below, see the full top 10 colleges—some of them entire university systems—with the most ridiculously attractive women:

10. Texas A&M University

9. University of Texas

8. Indiana University

7. University of Maryland

6. University of Central Florida

5. University of Wisconsin 

4. Penn State

3. Arizona State

2. Cal State 

1. University of California

Suddenly, we have the urge to go back to school...